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The Pearl of the University was chosen at Academician Stepan Demianchuk IUEH

The Celebration of Grace and Beauty “The Pearl of IUEH 2019” was celebrated in the City Culture Hall. Representatives from all faculties competed for the most beautiful crown.

The guests of the event were entertained by the artistic teams of the Centre for Aesthetic Education of the Students Youth at the Academician Stepan Demianchuk IUEH between the performances of the participants.

By the decision of the judges, the winner of the competition was Oleksandra Bondar, a student of the 1st year of the Faculty of Economics. The second place was given to Ivanna Naumchuk, a student of the 1st year of the Faculty of Nature  and Geography.

Viktoriia Burma, a fourth-year student at the Faculty of Health, Physical Education and Sports, was given the third place.

Thanks to all participants and congratulations to the winners !!!