МЕГУ – вибір сучасного абітурієнта! МЕГУ – твій найкращий вибір! МЕГУ – це більше ніж університет! МЕГУ – найкращі умови для навчання та розвитку! МЕГУ – розвиваємося для тебе! МЕГУ – це вибір лідерів! МЕГУ – твій шлях в майбутнє! МЕГУ – якість освіти, визнана країною і світом! МЕГУ: наші рейтинги – наші студенти! МЕГУ – освітній бренд, визнаний абітурієнтом!

Appeal by the Rector of the University Vitalii Demianchuk on the occasion of the Day of the Heavenly Hundred Heroes

These February days, Ukraine remembers the heroic and at the same time tragic page of our history. It is today that we pay homage to the Heroes who gave their lives fighting for freedom and defending dignity, democratic values and the European choice of Ukrainian society.

The feat of the Heavenly Hundred was not in vain. Their deaths forced many to rethink, re-estimate and reconsider. It was through their heroism and devotion that it was possible to unite the people and, ultimately, to renew the state. The events of Euromaidan caused radical changes in the souls, hearts and minds of Ukrainians. The Revolution of Dignity united and made our people strong.

We must honour the Heroes of the Heavenly Hundred not only in these days of mourning. A fair tribute to the bright memory of the fallen patriots should be our daily hard work in the name of the successful European Ukraine, which they dreamed of.

I want to tell all the relatives and friends of those who died in those tragic days, we remember everyone. I realise that no words can alleviate the pain of loss.

Eternal glory to the Heroes!

Rector of the University

Doctor of Sciences in Law, Professor

Vitalii Demianchuk