МЕГУ – вибір сучасного абітурієнта! МЕГУ – твій найкращий вибір! МЕГУ – це більше ніж університет! МЕГУ – найкращі умови для навчання та розвитку! МЕГУ – розвиваємося для тебе! МЕГУ – це вибір лідерів! МЕГУ – твій шлях в майбутнє! МЕГУ – якість освіти, визнана країною і світом! МЕГУ: наші рейтинги – наші студенти! МЕГУ – освітній бренд, визнаний абітурієнтом!

Faculty of Cybernetics

Faculty of Cybernetics at the Academician Stepan Demianhuk IUEH

The Faculty of Cybernetics of the Academician Stepan Demianchuk IUEH trains bachelors and masters of the most popular specialities of today:

– 121 Software Engineering under Educational and Professional Program “Software Engineering. Internet of Things »;

– 122 Computer Science under Educational and Professional Program “Computer Science and Cybersecurity”;

– 014 Secondary education (Informatics) under the educational-professional program “Secondary Education. Informatics and Mathematics ».

Software Engineering at Academician Stepan Demianchuk IUEH

Graduates of the information technology area play a crucial role in shaping of the digital future. That is why IT professionals are in high demand on the labour market.

This is one of the trends in the IT industry as a significant increase in the number of smart devices is expected in the near future. Different programming languages, mobile application development, application and device testing, robotics, artificial intelligence, block chain technology, teamwork, intellectual property protection and cybersecurity will all be taught at the Faculty of Cybernetics at the Academician Stepan Demianchuk IUEH.

Banks, ISPs (Internet Service Providers), small, medium and large businesses, firms, companies, state-owned enterprises, research institutes need IT professionals to hire.

Programmer is one of the most demand and highly paid professions

The profession of programmer is one of the first places in the list of the most profitable and requested professions of today. The demand for highly skilled programmers is steadily increasing, and the profession of programmer is considered to be one of the most prestigious and highly paid in the world. Our students – future programmers, while still studying are actively involved in the development of domestic and foreign projects and have a decent payment.

Educational Program “Software Engineering. Internet of Things »

The program is aimed at training qualified programmers, software developers, software testers, system analysts, system administrators, project managers of complex software systems, Internet technology administrators, database administrators, and more.

The program provides students with the knowledge of managing everyday subjects, business processes and non-human industry. All smart devices in homes, in drones, at public transport stops, in medical equipment, etc. perform information processing, analysis and exchange, and, depending on the results obtained, make decisions and carry out programmed actions.

Computer Sciences at the Academician Stepan Demianchuk IUEH

Today, it’s hard to imagine life without computers, laptops, smartphones, gadgets, devices, manipulators of new generation and the Internet. The pace of information technology development is astounding, with the increasing computer revolution. Information technology has a great impact on the development of science, technology, business and many other areas of human activity. Companies in the IT field are constantly creating new IT products and providing new types of IT services. That is why highly qualified computer science professionals are needed in virtually every sector of the economy.

Specialist in Computer Science – one of the most needed and high-paying professions of today

The demand for computer science and cybersecurity professionals is increasing daily.

The specifics of this profession allow you to work remotely and have a flexible work schedule, fulfilling customer tasks from around the world. The acquired knowledge allows the students of the faculty to engage in interesting activities, to realize their creative abilities and to get a fairly high salary for their work in the field of information technology.

Educational Program “Computer Science and Cybersecurity”

The educational program provides a basic knowledge of modern information and communication technologies that meet the needs of today’s IT labour market and allows you to find a promising work in IT companies, including foreign ones.

Cybernetics graduates can create interesting and useful programs, websites, 3D models, computer games, secure data in information systems, and build integrated cyber-defence systems against false or unlawful interference.

Among the features of the program: Orientation to the needs of today’s IT labour market, involvement of IT professionals in the educational process, practice in successful IT companies.

The program focuses on training computer engineers, database administrators, computer system and network administrators, web developers, web designers, computer system analysts, application and system programmers and more.

Training a Qualified Innovative Teacher of Informatics and Mathematics is a Priority of Academician Stepan Demianchuk IUEH

The popularisation of informatics in secondary education institutions has increased the need for professionals in the teaching profession. Today’s progressive teacher should be aware of computer innovations and trends, have their own innovative style, use innovative computer interactive and smart technologies.

Educational program “Secondary Education. Informatics and Mathematics” provides a basic knowledge of the use of information and communication technologies in education and allows to take a positions of a teacher of informatics and mathematics in schools and universities.

The Academician Stepan Demianchuk IUEH Faculty of Cybernetics has implemented a system of distance learning on the world-famous “Moodle” platform

This allows students of the faculty to combine IT education with IT work.

Students have the opportunity to communicate with teachers within the discipline on-line through personal laptops, iPhones, tablets via Wi-Fi.

Every year students of the Faculty of Cybernetics of Academician Stepan Demianchuk IUEH participate in the All-Ukrainian Student Olympiads in the field of 12 “Information Technologies”

For example, Sheremeta Roman Valeriiovych, a 2nd year student of the Faculty of Cybernetics, won the 3rd place in the All-Ukrainian Student Olympiad “Web Technologies and Web Design” in the section “Web Design” in Dnipro, which took place March 26-28, 2019.

Academician Stepan Demianchuk IUEH was the winner and awarded with a gold medal at the tenth International Exhibition “Modern Educational Institutions – 2019” in the nomination “Formation of Information and Digital Competence as an Important Component of the Development of Innovative Personality” with the participation of the Faculty of Cybernetics,.

Every year, students of the Faculty of Cybernetics take part in the All-Ukrainian Student Olympiads in command programming.

(Introductory, Production and Undergraduate) Practices of future IT-specialists are the basis of well-known Rivne firms and software development and testing companies.