МЕГУ – вибір сучасного абітурієнта! МЕГУ – твій найкращий вибір! МЕГУ – це більше ніж університет! МЕГУ – найкращі умови для навчання та розвитку! МЕГУ – розвиваємося для тебе! МЕГУ – це вибір лідерів! МЕГУ – твій шлях в майбутнє! МЕГУ – якість освіти, визнана країною і світом! МЕГУ: наші рейтинги – наші студенти! МЕГУ – освітній бренд, визнаний абітурієнтом!

Department of Psychology

The teaching of the disciplines of the psychological cycle in the University is provided by the Department of Psychology, which is an integral part of the Institute of Pedagogical Education at the Academician Stepan Demianchuk International University of Economics and Humanities. It is headed by PhD, Associate Professor Mykhalchuk Yuliia Oleksandrivna.

The Department of Psychology prepares students of higher education in speciality 053Psychology” in the field of knowledge 05 “Social and Behavioural Sciences” (term of study – 4 years on the basis of complete general secondary education, educational qualification “Bachelor of Psychology”) and degree of higher education “Master” in speciality 053 “Psychology”. The department provides teaching of the discipline “Psychology” at all faculties of the Academician Stepan Demianchuk IUEH.

The educational process at the department is provided by 7 full-time lecturers, including: 1 Doctor of Sciences, Professor Yurchenko Viktoriia Mykolaivna, 5 PhD, Associate Professors: Mykhalchuk Yuliia Oleksandrivna, Ternovyk Nataliia Anatoliivna, Moroz Oksana Ivanivna, Ivaniuta Olha Volodymyrivna, Yatsiuryk Alla Oleksandivna and 1 Lecturer of the department, postgraduate student of Rivne State University of Humanities – Derevianko Nataliia Zenoviivna.

The activities of the department are aimed at training highly qualified, competitive psychologists who are able to solve complex professional and practical problems in the process of educational and professional activities in the field of psychology, which provides effective psychological assistance (psychodiagnostic, counseling and psychocorrection in various spheres of life, team and socio-cultural community) taking into account universal values and norms of professional ethics of the psychologist.

The department has established relations with Lviv State University of Life Safety, Lesia Ukrainka East European National University, Rivne State University of Humanities, Kodolaniy Janos University (Hungary), Baranovichi State University (Belarus), European Institute of Additional Education (Slovakia), University of Žilina (Slovakia),Academy of European Education (Tbilisi, Georgia).

Students are the future psychologists that take an active part in scientific problem groups of the department, are winners of All-Ukrainian competitions of student research papers. Thus, 4th year student Volovych Maksym in April 2018 won 6th place in the second stage of the All-Ukrainian Student Olympiad in “Psychology” (theoretical and applied psychology), which took place on the basis of Hryhorii Skovoroda Pereyaslav-Khmelnytskyi State Pedagogical University.

The Week of Psychology is held every year. There are meetings with psychologists, consultants, psychotherapists of Rivne region. The department regularly holds scientific and methodological seminars, student conferences and conferences for lecturers, round tables. Lecturers of the department are involved in the implementation of volunteer programs and projects.

Scholars and students work closely with practical psychologists. Rivne and the region, psychotherapists and counselors, including those who provide psychological assistance to members of the Anti-Terrorist Operation (ATO), their families, parents raising children with special needs.

An important place in the training of a practical psychologist is occupied by training sessions of personal development, conducted by lecturers of the Department of Psychology twice a month in the circle “Young Psychologist”. Classes are conducted by Associate Professors of the department: Mykhalchuk Yu.O., Ivaniuta O.V.– psychotherapists in the field of “Katathym-imaginative psychotherapy”, as well as students who want to try themselves as coaches. Within this circle there is a screening and discussion of psychological films.

The University has a School of Leaders, headed by PhD, Assoc. Ternovyk N.A. The School of Leaders, founded at ACEUSY Centre of the Academician Stepan Demianchuk IUEH, focuses its efforts on the development and improvement of the best communication and organisational skills of students who are official and unofficial leaders of groups and individual micro groups. During the academic year, lecturers and students of the department together with other University students according to the work plan of the School of Leaders participate in organising events, working on a specific program (correctional and developmental work, information message, express diagnostics, brainstorming, training exercises, role-playing games, conversations, discussions, theatrical games, meetings with celebrities, round tables, debates, discussions, competitions, conferences, forums). The School of Leaders at the University with the participation of students of psychology is a practical school for those students who want to learn to work in a team, set priorities, form strategic objectives and tactics for their implementation. Within the School of Leaders, regular meetings are held with well-known graduates of the department, successful psychologists, who share with students their formula for success and help improve their professional abilities.

Graduates of the Department of Psychology are members of the “Association of Alumni of IUEH” and are members of the Centre for Career Growth of the University. They actively help and participate in career guidance, employment of students of the department, promote the creation and expansion of links between graduates of the department, participate in monitoring the professional achievements of graduates, promote internships and vocational education, help students in research.

The priority task of our University is the formation of a modern multicultural personality, open to dialogue with representatives of other countries, ready for integration into the world cultural space. That is why the staff of the department pays special attention to the establishment of international cooperation, is in constant search of effective ways and means of its development.

Lecturers of the department cooperate with international and all-Ukrainian educational organisations, help students of future psychologists to find contacts and establish communication with peers from foreign educational institutions, acquaint with the activities of international organisations UN, UNESCO, PAS UNESCO, UNICEF. Students are happy to take an active part in various events to celebrate significant dates of international level.

With the direct participation of lecturers and students of the Department of Psychology of the University, the International Student Forum “European Partnership” is held annually. in Wednesday, Wielkopolska, Baranovichi State University (Belarus), the European Institute of Additional Education (Slovakia), the University of Žilina (Slovakia), the Academy of European Education (Tbilisi, Georgia). The purpose of the forum is to develop in students a strong need for professional competencies of the new formation, a healthy lifestyle, skills in public speaking and the development of communicative and leadership qualities.