МЕГУ – вибір сучасного абітурієнта! МЕГУ – твій найкращий вибір! МЕГУ – це більше ніж університет! МЕГУ – найкращі умови для навчання та розвитку! МЕГУ – розвиваємося для тебе! МЕГУ – це вибір лідерів! МЕГУ – твій шлях в майбутнє! МЕГУ – якість освіти, визнана країною і світом! МЕГУ: наші рейтинги – наші студенти! МЕГУ – освітній бренд, визнаний абітурієнтом!

We end the school year positively together with the English-speaking club in the center “Window on America”

In the framework of cooperation between the Department of Romano-Germanic Philology and the Center "Window on America" 1st year students of the EP 14 Secondary Education. Language and Literature (English) became members of the English-language club and joined the discussion of the topic "Summer Solstice Day: an hour of knowledge and discovery"
The talking club was dedicated to the beginning of summer in the northern hemisphere and the beginning of winter in the southern hemisphere of our planet - the Summer Solstice Day.

Philology students in the discussion sought answers to the following questions: Why did the day get such a name, because in fact the Sun in its movement across the sky does not stop for a minute?
On this day, any mortal can become a little magician, just by making a wish. The Sun, which has extraordinary power during this period, will help in this. The night before the Summer Solstice Day is a magical time when all four elements come together - Fire, Water, Earth and Air.