Faculty of Health, Physical Education and Sports

The creation of the Faculty of Health, Physical Education and Sports was also due to the following factors:

a) there was a shortage of specialists in physical education and sports in the region. Only 50% of teachers of physical education had higher education, the same was observed in the management system of physical education and sports etc.

b) our university has increasingly declared itself as a leader in student sports. Current masters of sports studied at all faculties for free.

Therefore, most of the prerequisites for the opening of such a faculty were in this university.

From the first days of the Faculty's establishment, close ties began to be established with sports-educational, health-prophylactic and medical-rehabilitation institutions and institutions of the city.

This made it possible to use the best sports base of the city to ensure the educational process with students of the faculty and to conduct research work of teachers and students in these institutions. Fruitful cooperation has been established with the regional centre "Invasport", the City centre of medical and social services for people with disabilities “ORA”, sports society "Gart", CYSS №4, CYSS №1, Central City Clinical Hospital, the Institute of Postgraduate Education of Teachers and Sports area.

In addition, meetings, round tables, scientific conferences and consultations, lectures for teachers and students of leading scientists in the field of physical education and sports prof. Platonova V.M., prof. Bolobana V.M., prof. Shyiana B.M. prof. Shrybtiia B.M., prof. Krutsevych T.Iu. and many others.

The Faculty of Health, Physical Education and Sport of the Academician Stepan Demianchuk International University of Economics and Humanities trains future specialists in higher education "Bachelor" and "Master" in the following specialties:

227 Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy

017 Physical Education and Sports

014. 11 Secondary Education (Physical Education)

To ensure the appropriate level of professional training at the University created the appropriate material and technical, scientific and methodological base: classrooms, laboratories, a sufficient number of classrooms equipped with multimedia support, a complete library.

There are three departments at the faculty:

 1) Department Of Human Health and Physical Therapy;

2) Department Of Theories and Methods of Physical Education and Adaptive Physical Education

3) Department Of Physical Education and Sports

        The best material and technical base in the region, a high level of teaching staff, the introduction of new forms and modern technologies of training provides a high level of professional competence of graduates, which allows them to successfully find employment and be competitive in the labour market.

 The educational process at the faculty is provided by a highly qualified academic staff. Among them are doctors of sciences, professors, PhD, associate professors, honoured figures of education and science and health care, honoured coaches and masters of sports of Ukraine. The faculty members are fruitfully engaged in scientific work, they have published more than 70 textbooks for students in the disciplines taught at the faculty.

Training sessions on sports and health disciplines are held on the basis of the V.I. Zavatskyi Sports and Health Complex, which has a 6 swimming pool with 25-meter tracks, a game gym, a modern gym, a sport ground with a synthetic coating and a physical rehabilitation room.

    In the process of professional training of future specialists in physical rehabilitation, physical therapy and occupational therapy, the demands of society, the experience of the best domestic specialists and abroad are taken into account. The content of their training takes into account European standards of physical rehabilitation, compliance with international protocols in the examination, assessment of patient needs and capabilities, identification of movement disorders and rehabilitation goals and focus on a holistic approach to understand human health as a combination of physical, mental and social well-being based on universal values.

    Considerable attention at the faculty is paid to the development of student activity, which is realized through their socially useful activities in educational, training, rehabilitation and sports organizations and institutions and is a necessary condition for ensuring its quality. Professional skills are successfully formed in the process of involving students in volunteering in educational institutions, health care, the Centre for Disabled Sports, educational and rehabilitation institutions of the city and region, as well as their involvement in sports competitions, rehabilitation activities for children with special needs. The participation of students in the implementation of the volunteer program for physical rehabilitation of children with disabilities and people with disabilities under the guidance of Assoc. V.V. Koval, which is carried out on the basis of the sports and recreation complex of the University.

Pedagogically expedient organization of the educational process gives students the opportunity to master a set of necessary professional competencies: to use the means of physical education, physical activity for the prevention of disorders, correction and restoration of physical condition and physical development; getting rid of bad habits, introduction of a healthy lifestyle; improving health, improving mental and physical performance.

      Areas of professional activity of graduates: treatment-and-prophylactic and sports-health-improving establishments, sanatoriums, recreation centres, rehabilitation centres, special schools and preschools, educational-rehabilitation establishments, fitness centres, “Invasport” centres, secondary schools, vocational-technical and higher educational establishments, children's and youth sports schools.

  The staff of the Faculty of Health, Physical Education and Sports works closely with HEIs, which train similar specialists: NUUPES (Kyiv), Boberskyi LSUPC (Lviv), Lesya Ukrainka VNU (Lutsk), UCU (Lviv) and others. Leading scientists of these HEIs give lectures, conduct scientific consultations for students and teachers. To improve the process of professional training of students, the staff of the Faculty of HPES effectively uses international cooperation with foreign institutions: Higher School "Artesis", (Antwerp, Belgium), Vincent Paul University of Social Sciences. (Lublin, Poland), Thoreau College (New York, USA), Centre for Rehabilitation of People with Autism (Barcelona, ​​Spain). The process of cooperation is carried out: exchange of experience, analysis of research and experimental work on the problems of preserving, strengthening and restoring health, physical education of various groups, sports, holding joint scientific conferences and seminars, internships for teachers and students, as well as the publication of collections of scientific papers and methodological literature.

The scientific topic of the Faculty is formation and restoration of people’s health of different ages in the process of physical education, which is based on modern concepts of preservation and restoration of health, taking into account the impact of environmental, socio-psychological and professional factors. Students and master students successfully perform at the All-Ukrainian Olympiads in physical rehabilitation and physical education, have repeatedly won prizes. They have the opportunity to publish the results of their scientific work in the collections of scientific works of our University and other HEIs. Seven graduates of the faculty defended their dissertations, 2 graduates of postgraduate education in physical rehabilitation defended their doctoral dissertations. It has become traditional at the faculty to hold student scientific conferences "On the way to professional skills", which are attended by students and young scientists from other universities.

    The faculty carries out interesting and meaningful extracurricular activities, creates conditions for the development of interests, abilities and creative talents of students, there are student clubs, scientific societies, competitions, contests, festivals, themed evenings, interesting leisure activities. Students have the opportunity to improve their sports skills in groups to improve sportsmanship in volleyball, basketball, football, swimming, athletics, table tennis, tourism, athletic and rhythmic gymnastics. Special attention among students enjoys classes in Cossack martial arts led by lecturer Velinets P.V., volleyball - coach Hariievskyi Yu.V., swimming - coach Assoc. Fedorovych O.V., athletic gymnastics - coach Babeichyk A.A., in athletics - coach Zakhozhyi V.O.

With the assistance of the NOC of Ukraine, the Federation of Athletics of the region, the university holds an annual inter-university tournament in memory of Prof. V.I. Zavatskyi, in which the best students - athletes of HEIs of the Western region take part.

Students of the Faculty of HPES successfully perform at the All-Ukrainian, European and world sports arenas:

Krol Nataliia, 1st year master's student, MSIC of Ukraine in athletics: participant of the XXXI Summer Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil), 2016; I place at the European Championships in 800 m (2016, Amsterdam, Netherlands, 2018, Berlin, Germany).

Yenekov Illia, 1st year master's student, MS of Ukraine in cycling. Participant of the World Cups (Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland), European Championship - Giro de Luniguana (Italy).

Tymoshchuk Mariia, 1st year master's student, MS of Ukraine in weightlifting: 2016 - I place at the European Junior Championships (Poland), II place at the World Championships (Malaysia); 2017 - 3rd place at the European Junior Championship (Albania), 6th place at the European Championship (Croatia).

Myskovets Ivan, 1st year master's student, participated in the 3x3 World Basketball Championship (men, U-18; Chengdu, China; 2017).

Sharchuk Vsevolod, 2nd year student, MS in kickboxing (Champion of the WAKO European Cup in Karlovac (Croatia, world champion in kickboxing according to ISKA)

Levishyn Marko Ihorovych, 3rd year student, Ukrainian speedway racer, multiple winner of Ukrainian championships.

Shkarneha Andrii Vitaliiovych, 4th year student, Master of Sports of the International Class in kayaking and canoeing. (Bronze medallist of the World Rowing Championship) (Pitesti, Romania)

Bondarchuk Vladyslav Oleksandrovych, 1st year master's student, Master of Sports in wrestling and sambo, multiple champion, winner of cups and championships of Ukraine

Dudiak Maksym Ihorovych, 1st year master's student, Master of Sports in wrestling and sambo, multiple champion of Ukraine and cups of Ukraine, multiple winner of the world championship


The pride of the University is the sports achievements of graduates. They glorify the university and our region with successful performances at the All-Ukrainian and World Universiades in various sports, world and European championships, as well as the Olympic, Paralympic and Deaflympic Games. Among them the winner of the Olympic Games Yaroshchuk – Ryzhykova Anna athletics, participants of the Olympic Games Nazarenko Dmytro, Omelchuk Oleh, Poliuk Olha, Kruk Petro, Kotovska Olha, Kotok Petro, Slobodeniuk Vadym, Dikidzhi Kateryna, Stanko Svitlana. Champions, prize-winners and participants of the Paralympic Games - Kosenko Ihor, Matlo Yaryna, Kosinov Oleksandr, Husieva Iryna,Pominov Oleksandr, Lohatska Liudmyla, Syniuk Mykola. Winners and participants of the Deaflympics - Azhniuk Vasyl, Frolov Serhii, Shepeliuk Olena and others.

     Students-athletes of the Faculty successfully perform at competitions of different levels. For 25 years, the national teams of the University have won the first places at the Olympics among the HEI III-IV level of accreditation of Rivne region.

     Departments of the Faculty fruitfully cooperate with educational, training, sports and rehabilitation institutions, on the basis of which students undergo pedagogical and industrial practice, conduct research, study advanced pedagogical experience, consolidate theoretical knowledge, skills and abilities in training to perform professional functions. By choosing the Faculty of Health, Physical Education and Sports, future specialists will receive a promising and high-quality education.


The first set of students at the Faculty of Health, Physical Education and Sports of the Academician Stepan Demianchuk International University of Economics and Humanities was carried out in 1998.

The idea of ​​creating the Faculty originated with S.Ia. Demianchuka, who paid great attention to the development of student sports, supported student-athletes in every way.