List of Optional Disciplines for Students

The Private Higher Education Establishment Academician Stepan Demianchuk International University of Economics and Humanities identifies the following general approaches to the formation of the variant / component of educational programs. Curricula for the training of specialists at all levels and educational levels must contain at least 25% of the disciplines of the total ECTS credits. The student is given the opportunity to: - choose from the elective component of the curriculum of the educational program, under which the student is studying (specialised block of disciplines, which is aimed at improving the ability to find employment in the chosen speciality; choose a disciplines from the list); - select another curriculum of the same educational level. The lists of optional disciplines for a particular speciality of a certain degree of higher education should be consistent with educational programs (educational, professional and educational-scientific) and curricula.

The normative documents of the university stipulate that all students study according to the educational programs. As part of the educational program, the student studies according to an individual curriculum, which contains a list of compulsory educational components (disciplines) and components of the student's choice.

1. The formation of an individual curriculum begins with the study of annotations and syllabys of selective disciplines. You can get acquainted with reference information materials on the content of each elective discipline on the site of distance education.

2, Go to the distance education page using your login and password. All selective courses are grouped by semesters. Carefully read the syllabys of the learning components that are offered for study in the next school year.

3. Consult with the lecturer about the discipline you have chosen as an elective, find out the feedback of undergraduate students about this discipline. Carefully consider how this discipline will be useful for you personally.

4. From the main page of the university site - section "Ecutaion / List of Optional Disciplines for Students" go to the hyperlink to the appropriate Google Form. Fill in the required registration fields and mark the disciplines you have chosen. On the last page of the form, save and send your information to the spreadsheet.

5. Thank you for your choice. Further processing of the information provided by you will be carried out by university staff. After processing all the data, you will be asked to read the individual curriculum for the next course and sign it. Check the list of study components included in your individual plan, make sure you have selected elective courses.