Faculty of History and Philology



іффThe love to the native word begins with the love of the history of its people, of their homeland. And the love to the profession begins with the right choice of specialty. History and philology is a classic variant of the combination of two sciences, two related specialties, two directions of the humanitarian education. The Faculty of History and Philology invites everyone to dive into the humanitarian science.




The Faculty of History and Philology at the IUEH offers full-time and distance courses in the following educational programs:

Educational level “Bachelor”


  1. 014 Secondary education (Ukrainian language and literature);
  2. 014 Secondary education (History);
  3. 014 Secondary education. Language and Literature (English).

Educational Level “Master”


  1. 014 Secondary education (Ukrainian language and literature);
  2. 014 Secondary education (History);

Future philologists master three European languages: English, German, Polish using modern technologies and books published in native language:  LongmanOxford University PressExpress PublishingCambridge University PressHueberLangenscheidt, Cornelius, Juwenta.

The teaching staff of the Faculty of History and Philology at the IUEH is well-known in Ukraine:

Linguists (Philologist) (Medynska N.M. - Doctor of Science in Philology, Professor, author of grammar books of the Ukrainian language which are popular in the scientific world);

Historians ( Zhyv`iuk A.A. - PhD in History, Professor of the Department of History, Project Leader in “Rehabilitated by History”, Myronets N.R. - PhD in History, Specialist in Ethnology and Genealogy; Lopatska N.M. - PhD in History, researcher of ancient Derman; Snihur A.A. - PhD in History, specialist in history of Ukraine of the XX century; Levder A.I. - PhD in Pedagogical Sciences, author of the monograph on the historian, teacher, state figure Ivana Krypiakevycha);

Literary Critics (Nazarets V.M. - Doctor of Science in Philology, Professor, author of many encyclopedic directories, textbooks of literature; Myroniuk V.M. - PhD in Philology, researcher of the writers of the Pokut Trinity; Ovdiichuk L.M. - PhD in Pedagogy. specialist in the field of literature for children and youth; Shkabarina M.A. - PhD in Pedagogy, teacher of historical and literary courses);

Linguodidacts - (Hruba T.L. – Doctor of Sciences in Pedagogy, Associate Professor, Professor of the Department of Ukraine Language and Literature, author of teacher's manuals and co-author of educational program for profile teaching of students; Skrebkova M.A. - Associate Professor, author of educational textbooks in English; Brylova L.E. - Senior Lecturer in the discipline "Ukrainian Language for Professional Direction");

Highly qualified teachers of foreign language: English (Kochmar D.A. - PhD in Pedagogy; Associate Professor; Hryshkova N.V. - PhD in Philology, Budz I.F. - PhD in Pedagogy, Zavalniuk V.V. - PhD in Pedagogy, Pocheniuk Ya.V. - Senior Lecturer), German ( Zavalniuk A.R. - PhD in Pedagogy, Associate Professor, Tarasiuk T.V. - Lecturer); Polish (Smerchko A.A. - PhD in Pedagogy, Associate Professor).

Students of the Faculty of History and Philology meet with well-known scientists, writers, journalists, political figures and teachers:

Director of the Institute of Literature of the NAS of Ukraine, Academician Mykola Zhulynskyi;

Doctor of Science in Philology, Head of the Department of Modern Ukrainian Language at the Mykhail Drahomanov National Pedagogical University, Mariia Pliushch;

Doctor of Science in Philology, Head of the Department of Language Stylistics and Culture at the Mykhail Drahomanov National Pedagogical University Liubov Matsko;

Doctor of Science in Philology, Professor, Leading Researcher, Head of Grammar Department of the Institute of Ukrainian Language of NAS of Ukraine, Member of the Ukrainian National Spelling Commission Kateryna Horodenska;

Literary Critic, Translator, Poet, Prose Writer, Professor of the Ivan Franko Lviv National University Andrii Sodomora;

Doctor of Science in Philology, Professor, Writer Hryhorii Shton

Well-known Writer, Public and Political Figure, Director of the publishing house "Ukrainian Priority" Volodymyr Shovkoshytnyi

Poetess and Translator Natalia Trokhym

Writer, Participant of Anti-Terrorist Operation (ATO), Commander of Minefield Breaching Platoon Serhii Hrydin.

Future philologists have the opportunity not only to listen to information about new works, but also to join the secrets of the poetic, prose, translation creativity of the masters of the pen, to communicate with them and to get answers to some questions.

Over the last 5 years, more than 500 teachers, literary editors, journalists, radio and television presenters, translators, referees, teachers of higher educational establishments of the III-IV accreditation levels have been qualified.

Employment of graduates of the Faculty of History and Philology at the IUEH

The high level of professional knowledge is testified by the successful employment of our former students. Our graduates are our pride: Iryna Stepaniuk - press secretary of the Vice-rector for scientific work of the Taras Shevchenko Kremenetskyi Pedagogical Institute, Iryna Fedorovych - own correspondent of the newspaper in Berlin "Europa-Express", Anna Masnyk - journalist of "Rivne Newspaaper", Tatiana Kiselik - a Presenter on FM radio and a television on Rivne State Television. They successfully build the path of their professional skill Natalia Khomych, Oksana Komashko, Mariia Lehka (winner of the "Teacher of the Year" contest in the Dubrovytsia district), Iryna Opanasiuk, Oksana Sholudko, Maryna Tokarchuk-Kalenchuk, Nataliia Khomych work as teachers in Rivne and Volyn region, Serhii Savanchuk - the director of the secondary school №1 (Liubakovychi village, Sarnenskyi district), Nataliia Latsyk - literary and technical editor of the printing center of Ternopil, Nataliia Martyniuk - deputy director of Zdolbuniv Professional Railway Transport Lyceum, Olha Mikhnov - Head of Information Programs Department, Editor-in-Chief, Presenter of the TV Programm “Neighbor's News” on Rivne 1, in 2014 created a new project - “Rivne News. Day ”, Andrii Levder - PhD in Pedagogy, Head of the History Department of the Academician Stepan Demianchuk IUEH, Marharyta Shkabarina – PhDi in Pedagogy, Senior Lecturer at the Department of Ukrainian Language and Literature of the Academician Stepan Demianchuk IUEH, Scientific Secretary of the Academic Council of the University, Oksana Marchuk – PhD in Pedagogy, Associate Professor of Pedagogical Department, Dmytro Kravchuk – PhD in History, Viktoriia Hryshko – PhD in Pedagogy.

The Faculty of History and Philology has created all the conditions for meaningful leisure for students.

Creative competitions have become traditional "Philologist of the Faculty", subject quizzes, brain-rings, literary studies and historical tournaments, festive discos. The Faculty founded the national amateur theater "Bryz (Breeze)", which now bears the name of Bohdan Denysiuk. The Student Theater is now a creative team that polish the young talents of all faculties. Every year, amateur actors delight their fans with premieres, in particular, performances that are based on the poem by T. Shevchenko "Naimychka (Handmaiden)", on the story by B. Shved "Polishchuky (Poleshuks)", on a novel of poems by L. Kostenko, "Marusia Churai", by O. Stefanovych. "Four Wreaths of Remembrance", by A. Chekhov's play "Marriage",  on poems by L. Zabashta and H. Svitlychna "Human paths, that are unknowable, who assigned you to intersect so?", on lyrics by L. Kostenko "Autumn Melody".

Today, the Faculty of History and Philology at the IUEH confidently builds the way for a European educational space, seeks to preserve and increase the achievements of national education and culture, and creates the conditions for the realization of the ambitious goals of modern youth, which is focused on building a new Ukrainian School.