Department of Foreign Languages

КочмарHead of the Department of Foreign Languages at the Academician Stepan Demyanchuk International University of Economics and Humanities - Kochmar Diana Anatoliivna – PhD in Pedagogy, Associate Professor. She has been working at the Academician Stepan Demyanchuk International University of Economics and Humanities since 1996 as a teacher, senior lecturer, assistant professor of foreign languages, and since 2003 - Head of the Department. She defended her PhD thesis in 2002. She teaches the following courses: "Foreign Language", "Practical Phonetics", "Lexicology", "Actual Problems of Lexicology of Modern English", "Literature of the language being taught", "Modern Literature of English-speaking Countries", "Comparative Typology".

Areas of activity of the Department of Foreign Languages:

teaching foreign languages ​​to students of non-language specialties;

organiіation and holding of educational and methodical seminars;

preparation of students for the All-Ukrainian Student Olympiad in English for students of non-language specialties;

management of scientific work of students, sections of the student scientific society "Search";

preparation of students for participation in scientific and practical seminars, conferences, round tables;

preparation of publications for the collection of student research papers of the Academician Stepan Demianchuk IUEH;

cooperation with the International-Project Department of the University;

work on translations of the English version of the University website;

trainings on preparation for the Unified entrance examination (EMI) in a foreign language with the use of organisational and technological processes of external evaluation for admission to master's degree.

The department provides teaching of the following disciplines:

Foreign Language (English, German) 

Slovik Language (Polish)

Second Foreign Language (Polish)

Latin Language

Business Foreign Language

The content of the educational process at the department is aimed at the humanization of training, which involves the comprehensive development of the student's personality, full disclosure of his abilities and providing opportunities for successful and deep mastery of a foreign language.