Department of Romano-Germanic Philology

The Department of Romano-Germanic Philology provides training in the educational and professional program "Secondary Education (Language and Literature (English)" of the first bachelor degree in higher education, field of knowledge 01 Education / Pedagogy, speciality 014 Secondary Education.

There are 5 lecturers working at the department: 4 PhD, Associate Professors (Zavalniuk A.R., Zavalniuk V.V., Budz I.F., Hryshkova N.V.,), 1 Senior Teacher (Pocheniuk Ya.V. ), as well as 4 part-time teachers (Associate Professor Kochmar D.A., Associate Professor  Skrebkova M.A., Associate Professor Smerchko A. A., Lecturer Tarasiuk T. V.)

Lecturers of the department are constantly improving their skills through graduate school, various refresher courses, seminars and internships. Associate Professor Budz I.F., and Senior Teacher Pocheniuk Ya.V. are certified C1 level ESOL experts.

The Department of Romano-Germanic Philology provides the teaching of fundamental and professionally oriented disciplines “Introduction to Romano-Germanic Linguistics”, “Linguistic and Cultural Studies”, “Business Foreign Language”, "Lexicology", "History of language", "Stylistics", "Theoretical phonetics", "Theoretical grammar", "Theory and Practice of Translation", “Practice of Oral and Writing Speech", "Practical Phonetics", "Practical Grammar", "Practical Course of Foreign Language", “Literature of the Language that is learned” and etc.

романо германська

Activities of the Department of Romano-Germanic Philology:

  • training of applicants for higher education in the specialty 014 Secondary education. Language and literature (English) by professional qualification: teacher of English language and foreign literature of general secondary education;
  • organisation and holding of educational and methodical seminars and international projects;
  • conducting international exams ESOL, ESOL SELT, ECL;
  • preparation of students for the All-Ukrainian Olympiad in "English language and literature" for students of classical and pedagogical universities;
  • guidance and methodological support of introductory, educational and industrial (pedagogical) practice in schools of Rivne;
  • preparing students for work in summer language camps;
  • management of scientific work of students, sections of the student scientific society "Search";
  • preparation of students for participation in scientific and practical seminars, conferences, round tables, symposiums;
  • preparation of publications for the collection of student research papers of Academician Stepan Demianchuk IUEH;
  • cooperation with the International-Project Department of the University;
  • work on translations of the English version of the university website;
  • trainings on preparation for the Unified entrance examination (EMI) in a foreign language with the use of organisational and technological processes of external evaluation for admission to master's degree.

The Department of Romano-Germanic Philology in order to implement the goals of the educational and professional program "Secondary Education (Language and Literature)" cooperates with ZNZ №20 (Rivne), ZNZ №8 (Rivne), Zaborolov Lyceum, Alexandria Art General The joint activity of teachers of the department and teachers of schools promotes, first of all, the formation of students' professional competencies, further improvement of methodological competence and development of analytical and research skills.

For the development of creative abilities of students, the formation of research skills at the department much attention is paid to extracurricular activities with students. The Department of Romano-Germanic Philology works closely with educational organizations and societies of Rivne city and regional associations (Window on America, V. Raymont and G. Senkevich Society of Polish Culture, T. Sosnovsky Cultural Heritage Foundation, (Professor Deutsch & English School of German and English Languages), Universal Test Examination Centre (Kyiv), English School (Rivne).

The department has three problem groups within the scientific student society "Search":

  • current problems of lexicology of modern English (supervisor Assoc. Prof. Kochmar D.A.);
  • linguistic and stylistic issues of the text (supervisor Assoc. Prof. Budz I.F.);

In the educational process, teachers of the department widely use computer technology, problem-based learning technology, multimedia technologies, project-based learning technologies. Students study in a modern language classroom, working out the pronunciation norms of modern English on the basis of unadapted phonetic material.


Teaching of theoretical disciplines is carried out in a specially equipped room "Methods of teaching foreign languages".


Within the framework of cooperation with the examination centre "Universal Test" (Kyiv), the Department of Romano-Germanic Philology conducts testing and provides training in preparation for international language exams ESOL, ESOL SELT and ECL, as well as trial testing in international language exams TOEFL IBT and IELTS. (International language tests)

Consultations Schedule of lecturers of the department

  • Budz I. F.- Thursday 13:00
  • Pocheniuk Ya. V. - Monday 13:00
  • Hryshkova N. V. - Thursday 13:00
  • Kochmar D. A. - Monday 13:00
  • Smerchko A. A. - Tuesday 14:30
  • Tarasiuk T. V. - Wednesday 13:00
  • Skrebkova M. A. - Wednesday 14:30