Part-time Education

The part-time form of the study is headed by the Vice-Rector of Part-time Study, Distance Learning and Postgraduate Education PhD in Pedagogics Demianchuk T. O.

Дем'янчук Т.О.For the first time, training without separation from production was conducted at the Faculty of Pedagogics and Faculty of Economics in 1993. During this time, more than three thousand teachers have been trained in these faculties to work in schools and other educational institutions; more than two thousand financiers and managers working in various financial institutions: taxes, exchequers, insurance companies, financial departments and state trust funds (pension, social protection, social insurance), in antimonopoly committees, enterprises and private firms. Some graduates have secured a job for themselves - they have become entrepreneurs by starting their own firms.

In 1994, the enrolment on the Faculty of History and Philology was in 1999. The first philology diplomas received 47 students. In 2009, a master course was opened where 20 students studied.

In 2003, for the first time specialists of the part-time form of study of the Faculty of Health, Physical Education and Sports were graduated. Today, more than a thousand graduates of this faculty work as specialists in the field of physical education and sports and physical rehabilitation. In 2005, a master course in Physical Rehabilitation was opened, where 25 students studied and 10 students in Physical Education.

At the Faculty of Cybernetics the first diplomas in informatics and applied mathematics received students of the part-time form of study in 2005, and since 2009 a master course have been working in speciality "Informatics" (licensed amount of 20 students).

At the Faculty of Journalism the recruitment was conducted in 2004. In 2010 a master course was opened. The graduates of the faculty work in republican and regional TV channels and many all-Ukrainian print editions.

The history of Faculty of Law begins in 2007, where 200 students became Bachelors, most of which have already been employed in the speciality.

Students of the part-time department are engaged in scientific work. The materials of their scientific researches have been published not only in the collections of articles by young scholars of the University, but also in other collections of All-Ukrainian conferences and scientific journals.

More than ten graduates have become lecturers of our educational institution and continue the scientific activity which they began in the walls of the University as students. In 1999, graduate Nazarevych Viktoriia Viacheslavivna was the first among graduates of part-time department who defended her PhD thesis in Psychology; 2001 graduate Ternovyk Nataliia Anatoliivna defended her PhD thesis in Psychology, and Romanova Viktoriia Ivanivna graduated in 2004 and defended her dissertation and became a PhD in Physical Education and Sports. Moroz Oksana Ivanivna and Yatsiuryk Alla Oleksandrivna graduated in 2004 and defended their dissertations in Psychology.

The University is proud of the success of student-athletes who have achieved significant results in international competitions. Among them:

  • Kosenko Ihor, Master of Sports of the International Class, Champion of Europe and the World Games, Champion of the Paralympic Games in Sports at the CP 2004 in Athens, Greece, which has been awarded with: Order for Merit of II and III degrees.
  • Kolesova Nataliia, Master of Sports of International Class, four-time champion of Ukraine in sports dances in wheelchairs, silver medalist of the world championship, three-time winner of the World Cup.

  • Pominov Oleksandr Mykhailovych - Master of Sports of the International Class, European and World Champion, participant of the Paralympic Games in 2004 among athletes with visual impairments (judo);

  • Nabukhotnyi Roman Mykolaiovych - Master of Sports of the International class, the champion of Europe and the World in powerlifting among the sportsmen with visually impairments;

  • Frolov Serhii, Master of Sports of International Class, multiple winner of the Deaflympics in football among athletes with hearing impairments, awarded the order "For Courage" II degree.

The University is proud of its graduates:

  • Horbatiuk Mykolo Dmytrovych - Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada of the 2nd convocation, former state adviser of the tax service of the 2nd rank, who was awarded with the Order "For Services" of the III degree;

  • Pylypchuk  Volodymyr  Oleksandrovych - ex-head of the State Administration of Rivne district, head of the housing department in Rivne.

  • Maksymov Serhii Volodymyrovych - the former chief of the Regional Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in Rivne region and many others.

  • Maksymiak  Hryhorii  Ivanovych - Chief Physician of Rivne Oncology Center.

  • Yenikeiev Viktorii  Mykolaivna - Chief Physician of the Regional Perinatal Center of the Rivne Regional Council, Honored Doctor of Ukraine, Candidate of Medical Sciences.

  • Kucher Viktor Oleksandrovych – the former chief of the Regional Centre of Invalid Sports “Invasport”, honorary worker of physical education and sports of Ukraine;

  • Strokatiuk Liudmyla Ivanivna - director of the regional rehabilitation center in Shepetivka;

  • Martynenko  Oleksandr  Vitaliiovych - master of sports in boxing, honored coach of Ukraine, judge of the international category EAVA.

  • Lipskyi  Vitalii  Volodymyrovych- Deputy Director of the Department, Head of the Department of Youth Policy and Sports, Department of Development of Administrative Services, Social, Youth Policy and Sports of the Rivne Regional State Administration.

  • Nahornym Petrom Vasylovychem - Deputy Head of the Department - Head of the Department of Physical Culture and Sports.

  • Kutsel  Viktor  Andriiovych- director of CYSS of Zdolbuniv district council of Rivne region.

  • Hutsaliuk  Ihor  Anatoliiovych - Honored Master of Sports of Ukraine, President of the Association of Professional Martial Arts.

  • Fesovts  Oleksandr  Mykolaiovych - Honored Coach of Ukraine in powerlifting.

  • Polishchuk  Oleksandr Petrovych- Head of the Information Activity Department at the Rivne Regional State Administration.

  • Sasiuk Natalii Volodymyrivna - Honored Teacher of Ukraine, Director of Rivne Regional Lyceum, excellent in education, awarded the Sukhomlinsky Medal.

  • Chekan Oksan  Ivanivn - PhD, Associate Professor of Mukachevo State University.

  • Shyhorev Yulii  Serhiievna - Director of the Department of Development of Administrative Services of Social, Youth Policy and Sports of the Rivne Regional State Administration.

  • Horbatiuk Liudmyl  Volodymyrivn - General Director of RA "MB Media", authorized person of "Music Box UA".

  • Polinkevych Marianna Mykhailivna - head of the institution "Dzvinochok" of Khrust TG.

  • Krychfalush  Marianna  Mykhailivna -  head of the institution "Maliatko" of Khrust TG.

  • Khmara Liubov Danylivna - teacher (methodologist, winner of the contest "Best Teacher of the Year", winner of the Augustyn Voloshin Prize, NUS regional coach, expert) - supervisor, certification of NUS primary school teachers.

  • Arsentiev  Tetiana  Petrivna - a leading specialist in public relations and the press at the State Scientific and Technical Center for Radiation Safety and many, many others.

Today, 3252 students in 115 groups study on the part-time form of study. The list of specialities is expanding. While 24 years ago, only three specialities were trained at the part-time department and now, in 2016, there are 13 specialisations.