History of the Department

The department is located on the ground floor of the second campus in office No. 2114.

The Department of Foreign Languages was established in 1995 in accordance with the Order No. 52 of 28.08.95.

In 2003, the Department of Romano-Germanic Philology was distinguished from the Foreign Languages Department (Order No. 01/59 of 01.09.2003).

In 2007 the Polish Language Centre was established at the department. It was the result of the University's cooperation with the Consulate General of Poland in Ukraine. The language centre, which is a multimedia network training complex with the latest software, has a multimedia library and a library and it is equipped with the latest technologies.

The department has a set of video and audio courses for different purposes and levels of study. Satellite TV and Internet connection make it possible to actively use the most up-to-date authentic material (news, reports, comments, analytical reviews), and work on-line.

High professional level of teachers of the department and the availability of modern methodological support allows to fully implement the communicative approach in teaching foreign languages to students of non-linguistic specialties, using project methodology, role and business games, other progressive technologies in language learning, as well as to implement the principles of cultural studies, immersion in the subject content of teaching, creative educational cooperation of students.

The educational programs ensure that students' needs are met, the goals of teaching and learning a foreign language are professionally oriented to international (European) levels of language proficiency.