History of the Department

The Department of Geography and Tourism trains specialists in the fields of preparation "Geography", "Tourism" and holds a prominent position among other structural units of the faculty and the University.


Specialists training in the speciality "Pedagogy and methodology of secondary education. Geography and Biology” at the University began in September 2001 on the basis of the Department of Ecology and Environmental Protection (Head Department was PhD, Professor Kharchenko B. I.) The founders of the speciality were the teachers of this department: Doctor of Science in Geography, Professor Budz M.D., PhD Oliinyk V. S. During 2003-2004, the Department of Ecology and Environmental Protection was reorganised through the separation of two separate departments - Geography and Biology.

An important stage has happened as the faculty has obtained a license for the preparation of masters in the speciality 8.04010401 "Geography" in 2007 and in 2008 8 graduates received the first master diplomas of geography. The year 2008 was also marked by the first graduation of postgraduate students of geography. ---


Thanks to the efforts of faculty members, the university received a license to train bachelors in the fields 6.140103 "Tourism" and 6. 040102 "Biology" in September 2011.

The preparation of Masters in speciality 8.04010406 "Geography of Recreation and Tourism" was licensed in 2014, and the first enrollment of students was made in 2015. Now the faculty's educational activity is aimed at training secondary schools teachers of geography and biology in the fields of "Geography" and "Biology", as well as training of specialists in the direction of "Tourism".