The TOEFL IBT (Internet – Based Test) is a standardized international exam designed to assess English language proficiency for employment purposes, as well as admission primarily to American universities. The exam aims to determine the level of language proficiency required for work or study. TOEFL results are included in the mandatory package of documents of the entrant when applying for training. According to the standard, the test consists of 14 years, for children under 14 there is a TOEFL Junior exam.

The structure of the test contains 4 parts - Reading, Listening, Speaking and Writing. The test results are ranked according to the scale of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages ​​(CEFR).

The Reading part consists of 3 texts, each text contains an average of 13 questions. Execution time - 60 minutes.

The Listening part consists of 6 records, which include dialogues between student and teacher, dialogues between students and excerpts from lectures. Execution time - 45 minutes.

The Speaking part consists of tasks that test the ability to understand and retell the text listened to or read, as well as the ability to reflect on given topics. Execution time - 20 minutes.

The Writing part includes two tasks: to compare the listened and read text; write an essay on a particular topic. Execution time - 50 minutes.