20 September 2021

The international event was organized by the partner University Grasspoorts institute (Montreal, Canada).  More than 400 people joined the project. The speeches of the world's leading scientists will take place for 9 days (19.09-28.09.2021) from 8.30 am (Kyiv time). Meetings are held in some areas, including mountain systems and climate change, river basin management in the mountains, the impact of economic activities on mountain ecosystems, biodiversity conservation, mountain conventions and their effectiveness, sustainable tourism and biodiversity.


Leading scientists from Austria, Switzerland, Romania, Belgium, Germany, Italy, Canada, the Philippines, Nepal and Ukraine are the heads of individual sections. The partner of the event is the Private Higher Educational Establishment "Academician Stepan Demianchuk International University of Economics and Humanities"  Employees of the Department of Geography and Tourism (Assoc. Prof. Romaniv A.S., Assoc. Prof. Yaromenko O.V., Assoc. Prof. Shykula R. R., Lecturer Tokar O.I.) and the International-Project Department of the University (Lavreniuk A. Yu, Yakovchuk A.M.) joined the event.



You can become a passive listener of online speeches of the world's leading scientists by following the link: