Department of Social Communication

The department as a separate structural unit was opened in 2009. The Department of Journalism employs 1 Doctor of Sciences (O. A. Mitchuk) and 2 PhD - V. V. Zoliak, A. H. Smus and two Honoured Journalists of Ukraine - V. S. Mazanyi, P. P. Midrihan.

ЗолякThe department is headed by Zoliak Viktoriia Vasylivna, PhD, Associate Professor of the Department of Social Communications.

Employees of the department combine teaching and journalism activity. So, the lecturer O.V. Khytrovas is the general director of TRK "RITM". Associate Professor, Honoured Journalist of Ukraine V. S. Mazanyi worked as a correspondent of the news agency TARS (Telegraph Agency of the Soviet Union) from 1985 to 1991, and he became a correspondent of the news agency UKRINFORM in Rivne region from 1991 to 2015. He published various genres in the oldest Ukrainian newspaper in the United States, the Ukrainian People's Union, published since 1893 (New Jersey) "Svoboda" (Svoboda. - 1995. - Part 66. - April 4. - P. 1; Svoboda - 1996. - Part.109 - June 8. - P.4; Svoboda - 1997. - Part. 85. - May 6. - P. 2). V. S. Mazanyi’s publications were also issued in other American publications - "Ukrainian News" (USA), "Life and Word", "New Way" (Canada). He interviewed 42 US President Bill Clinton (Seven Days, 1995). Associate Professor, Honoured Journalist of Ukraine P. P. Midrihan for many years was the director of the regional television "RODTB". Associate Professor Smus A. H. is the author of screenwriting and producer of an English-language documentary about the activities of the international Christian mission "OM" in the environmental protection zone, a documentary "Sly Murder". About the events in Volyn in 1943. The film was made with the support of the Institute of National Memory, the Institute of History of Ukraine, "Selected from a Thousand". The film was shot with the support of Rivne regional and city councils, the Ukrainian Diaspora in Ohio (USA), the developer of the program concept, the founder and director of the All-Ukrainian network "Radio UNA. The first Ukrainian nationalist wave." (Radekhiv 99.1 FM, Staryi Sambir 89.8 FM, M. Berdychiv 97.5 FM, M. Hirnyk 100.0 FM).

The department provides training in the educational program "Journalism" at the educational levels of bachelor and master. More than 180 students study full-time and part-time. Curricula are updated annually in accordance with the requests of stakeholders and applicants for higher education. The department has a library for students, which contains the latest professional literature.

Doctor of Sciences Mitchuk O. A. is a member of specialised radio waves for the defence of dissertations. Lecturers of the department are opponents of PhD and doctoral dissertations, reviewers of scientific publications that are part of the editorial board of professional publications. Lecturers did internships at the Academy of Human Rights for Journalists, have completed a number of Distance Courses at the Institute of Media Law.

The department has a primary organisation the National Union of Journalists of Ukraine, established at the Academician Stepan Demianchuk International University of Economics and Humanities. Mitchuk O. A. is a member of the secretariat of the regional organisation of the National Union of Journalists of Ukraine. Cooperation of the department with schools, gymnasiums takes place through the youth school of journalism "MEDIAPRESS". Lecturers work at the Academy of Sciences of Ukraine.

The department maintains communication with regional mass media, students on the basis of the concluded agreements pass practice in the printed and Internet editions, on radio and television, in press services and publishing houses in the region and in general in Ukraine. Lecturers have published a cross-cutting program of practical training of students in the direction of training 061 "Journalism" (2019).

The scientific problems of the department include the study of journalism oon the topic "Study of the role of modern liberal information culture in the system of social communications" (№ state register. 0118U001563). Scholars study compliance with professional standards in media, information policy and security, photojournalism, 3D graphics, concepts of modern journalism, development of radio and television journalism, cross-media trends, editorial and publishing management, promotion of publications, socio-communicative models in the region.

The staff of the department has published methodical recommendations, manuals, monographs on the most important training courses, which are in the database of the repository of the university

Scholars of the department take part in Ukrainian and international scientific conferences, seminars and trainings for mass media, publish in scientific publications. They are winners of a number of Ukrainian and regional awards in journalism. The department cooperates with journalistic POs, with the support of which seminars and trainings of leading Ukrainian journalists are held for students. The department conducts master classes, for example - Mitchuk O.A. "Media and Law" (based on the regional organisation of the National Union of Journalists of Ukraine, Midrihan P.P. - a master class on television journalism on the topic: "Modern television: challenges and realities" ( Poznan, Poland) and others.

Our graduates work in print media, websites, radio and television, publishing houses and press services. Students participate and win prizes in student competitions of scientific works (III degree diploma was awarded to Puchka Alina 2020) and all-Ukrainian Olympiads in Journalism and Advertising and Public Relations (Puchka Alina III place 2019, Deineka Iryna II place - 2018 year) and combine training with work in the media. They publish their own educational newspapers, magazines, brochures, booklets, design and branding.

Every year students take part in student scientific conferences (on the basis of Acadenician Stepan Demianchuk IUEH, at the Publishing and Printing Institute of the National Technical University of Ukraine "Ihor Sikorskyi Kyiv Polytechnic Institute", at the Faculty of Journalism of Ivan Franko Lviv National University, at the Kodolaniy Janos University of Applied Sciences (Hungary), at Lviv Polytechnic National University, etc.).

The main training courses of the department:

"BACHELOR": Media Linguistics, Language training: editing, Media literacy, Ukrainian language for professional purposes, Publishing and editing, Theory of composition and text, Newspaper and magazine production, Newspaper and magazine management, Psychology of advertising and politics, Advertising : practicum on media literacy, Professional training (Media text theory), Theory of mass information, Communication technologies, Theory of work and text, Workshop on the Ukrainian language, Press services and PR, Practical stylistics.

"MASTER": Communication Studies, Media Regulation, International and Intercultural Communication, Media Regulation, Copywriting and Speechwriting, Visuals in Advertising and PR, Advertising and PR in Business, Advertising and PR in Politics, Media Research: Concepts and Methods, Social Studies, Concepts and Methods communications, Sociology of public opinion, Methods of empirical research of communication, Legal and ethical bases of advertising and PR-activities, Branding.

In 2018, the department launched the project ERASMUS + KA2 "Journalism Education for Democracy in Ukraine: Developing Standards, Integrity and Professionalism". The partners of the department are the University of Bat Spa (Great Britain), Linnaeus University (Sweden), University of Lodz (Poland). The project aims to modernise journalism education on the model of EU countries. Within the framework of the project, the teaching departments took part in three international scientific conferences: Bat Spa University (Great Britain), Taras Shevchenko National University, Linnaeus University (Sweden).