25 October 2021

On October 23, at the Academician Stepan Demianchuk International University of the Economic and Humanities was held an on-site educational and practical seminar for lecturers and applicants on the topic: "Academic integrity in the modern scientific environment: from theory to practice"

Академічна доброчесність

The moderator of the educational event was Andrii Borovyk, Vice-Rector for Scientific Work, PhD, Associate Professor, Professor of the Department of Criminal Law and Administrative Law Disciplines.

Академічна доброчесність1

The seminar began with the viewing of animation videos on the issues of academic integrity.

Анімаційні ролики

Further, the participants of the training event listened to the lecture-report of the Head of the Center for Higher Education Quality Assurance, PhD, Associate Professor Viktorii Artiushok on the topic: "Academic integrity as a guarantee of quality education".

Артюшок В.С.

Online lecture on: "Copyright and Plagiarism" was read to the participants of the seminar by the Head of the Department of Doctoral Studies and Postgraduate Studies of Lesia Ukrainka Volyn National University, PhD, Professor Myroslava Filipovych.

Доктор акад доброчесність

Lecture-report on the topic: "Online platforms and programs of text verification for plagiarism" was read by the head of the Department of General Pedagogy and Preschool Education of the Academician Stepan Demianchuk IUEH, PhD, Associate Professor Liliia Melnychuk. 

Мельничук Л.Б.

And specifically, how to do it, demonstrated graduate student Serhii Blyzniuk for all participants on the screen.

Близнюк С.В.

After lunch, the participants of the seminar moved to practical classes.  For almost two hours Lecturers together with students prepared theses-reports at international and all-Ukrainian scientific conferences


The theses prepared by students and lecturers are tested for antiplagiarism and sent for placement in the collection.


After summarizing the work of the seminar, certificates were awarded.