30 August 2021

Today in the first building of our university a solemn student initiation ceremony took place. Despite the rainy weather, the freshmen and their parents visited the walls of the Academician Stepan Demianchuk International University of the Economic and Humanities for the first time as students.


The creative teams of the Center for Aesthetic and Civic Education of Student Youth of the Academician Stepan Demianchuk IUEH congratulated on the beginning of student life and charged with positive on a rainy day. Newcomers from all faculties heard parting words from the rector, Doctor of Science, Professor Vitalii Demianchuk, President, Doctor of Sciences, Professor Anatolii Demianchuk and Chief Specialist of the Department of Vocational and Higher Education of the Department of Education and Science of Rivne Regional State Administration Maiia Andrieieva. 


The academic staff and senior students gladly welcomed the first-year students at the faculties and held introductory talks. Freshmen saw the classrooms and learned how the learning process takes place. They also got acquainted with the curators and were able to ask questions about their student life inside and outside the university.


Congratulations to all on the start of the new academic year, we wish high results in learning and active participation in the life of our large university family!