21 September 2021

As part of the study of the discipline "Organization of cooperation with families in preschool education" (lecturer- Doctor of Sciences, Prof. Marchuk O.O.) with students of the 4th year of the part-time education (bachelor) was held a seminar on "Happy family - happy child ". At the event, students Antoniuk Oksana, Povshyk Bohdana, Kovalchuk Kateryna, Lukovets Mariia, Karas Nataliia presented their own understanding of the essence of family upbringing, emphasizing the need for close cooperation between the educator and parents. the experience of educators in Italy, Japan, Sweden, South Korea and others.


The seminar discussed the problems that arise in disadvantaged and single-parent families.
The discussion was joined by students who work as educators not only in Rivne region, in different regions of the West of Ukraine.
Only in a happy family does a child feel protected, loving and can fully realize his natural abilities.