22 November 2023

On November 15, Cormack Consultancy Group held a regular coordination meeting with the coordinators of the Twinning Program - Alina Lavreniuk, IUEH, and Ian Gadd, coordinator of the Bath Spa University.

During the meeting, the coordinators had the opportunity to briefly report on the joint work done between the two universities, describe the main results of the grant activities and talk about the coordinated work of the faculties of the two universities.

In particular, they focused on further prospects for cooperation and enlisted the support of the program management in organizing joint events. They also discussed possible funding within the framework of Twinning.

Ian Gadd also shared information about the preparations for the event in Bath on December 14, which will be attended by the Twinning coordinators from the Bath Spa University, the University of Bath, the University of Bristol, the University of Exeter and the University of Cardiff to share their experience of cooperation with Ukrainian universities, discuss some of the challenges faced by individual universities and explore possible joint Ukrainian-British Business Council