14 February 2024

Academician Stepan Demianchuk International University of Economics and Humanities

is holding the XXVIII International Student Public Readings "I Vote for Peace!"

The purpose of the readings is to present works by talented students on the issue of war and peace.

The form of presentation is a prose or poetic work.

The volume of the work is within the program requirements for works (pieces)

for students of each age group.

Students of grades 3-11 are invited to participate in the readings

Indicative topics for student essays:

"Peace through the eyes of children", "War, unfortunately, is no longer a dream...", "Hero Cities of Ukraine", "Walk of Fame", "Ukraine is United! ", "A Letter to a Soldier of the Armed Forces of Ukraine", "Shot Flowers Come to Life", "Heroes Do Not Die", "Come Back Alive", "My Voice is the Future of the Country", "We Are Bringing the Victory Closer", "Why I Vote for Peace", "The Invincibility of Ukraine is in the Unity of the People", "My Bodyguard", "Light Will Overcome Darkness", etc.

A collection of the best 200 student works will be published before the readings.  Participants in the general readings will be sent an invitation.

Please send poetry and prose works in electronic version by March 15, 2024

at: ya_golosuyu_za_myr@ukr.net

Name of the attached file "I vote for peace_*** (school)"

(Please indicate the teacher's phone number (viber) in the attached file with the works, as feedback and organizational issues will be resolved exclusively in viber chat

For more information, please contact us:

м. Rivne, 4 Stepan Demianchuk St., 2nd building,

Department of General Pedagogy and Preschool Education, room.  2608,

 (097) 042 89 86 (Lilia Melnychuk)