12 April 2024

Alina Lavreniuk, Head of the International фтв Project Department  and Viktoriia Artiushok,  Head of the Center for Higher Education Quality Assurance  completed the international COIL (Collaborative Online International Learning) training together with other 30 participants selected from Ukraine. 

The COIL training series was conducted by the coordinator of virtual cooperation - Reinout Klamer from the Hague University of Applied Sciences (Netherlands). This initiative was organized within the framework of the Twinning Programme and was designed to improve the skills of professionals working in the field of international training and cooperation.

Аліна Лавренюк

The participants of the trainings had the opportunity to expand their knowledge and skills in the field of international online education, exchange experience with colleagues from around the world and learn the most effective practices of teaching and learning via the Internet. Thanks to a professional facilitator Reinout Klamer, participants gained valuable knowledge and insights, exchanged ideas and successful practices through the Padlet platform, and met possible international partners for future COIL projects.

Вікторія Артюшок

The participants of the training series express their gratitude for the opportunity to participate in this initiative, which will help improve the quality of education in universities and organizations.