17 April 2024

On April 17, Academician Stepan Demianchuk International University of Economics and Humanities launched the Leadership Programme for students and teachers. The programme was developed by British professors of the Bath Spa University for IUEH as part of the international grant "I Vote for Peace: Cooperation and Compassion in a Time of War" with the support of England Research. The training programme will last until the end of June and will include 8 practical workshops.

bat spa

The first workshop on "Introduction & Styles of Leadership" was attended by teachers, BA and MA students, as well as PhD students from the following fields: philology, pedagogy, economics, psychology, law, cybernetics, journalism, physical education and rehabilitation, sports, tourism.

bat spa

During the two-hour workshop, Professors Nasir Salari and Polly Derbyshire provided a brief overview of the challenges and opportunities in higher education leadership, particularly in the context of gender, discussed potential thematic areas, introduced different leadership styles such as authoritative, democratic and transformational leadership and explained their application in an academic context, and discussed an action plan for implementing effective leadership styles.

The topic of the workshop provoked a lively discussion among the participants about the priority leadership styles in the academic space.