Academician Stepan Demianchuk IUEH Career Development Centre

The Student Career Development Centre is a unit at the Academician Stepan Demianchuk IUEH Alumni Association, which facilitates the creation of conditions for career development and further employment of students, supporting students 'entrepreneurial initiatives by providing counselling and information services, organising non-formal learning, training, seminars, raising students' educational level business activities, other activities.

The Centre's activities are aimed at developing students' entrepreneurial skills through their involvement in the practical implementation of business projects, including working together with small business entities; strengthening the practical orientation of the educational process and attracting potential employers to participate in the educational process; increase of business and entrepreneurial activity of students; involvement of representatives of the business community in organising and conducting trainings, seminars, competitions, business tournaments, non-formal learning;

The Centre creates a platform for the University to cooperate with enterprises, public organisations, mass media, research institutes, business, authorities and local self-government in the sphere of ensuring the principles of sustainable development of human capital.

The main tasks of the Centre are:

  • Creating and strengthening links between business and education;
  • Organising activities aimed at developing students' entrepreneurship skills;
  • Creation conditions for career development and promotion of student employment, including provision of counselling;
  • Organising courses for students to enhance their entrepreneurial potential;
  • Providing comprehensive consulting, educational and information services in the field of business law, the basics of entrepreneurship, taxation, crediting, investments, etc.;
  • Organising internal University competitions of business projects with further submission of the best of them for participation in regional and all-Ukrainian competitions, tournaments;
  • Creating conditions for cooperation with potential employers.
  • Operational cooperation with the Board of Commerce and Industry, the Ukrainian Enterprise Support Fund, other domestic and foreign funds and programs.
  • Carrying out seminars, trainings and other assistance activities during the career planning phase.
  • Carrying out organisational and advisory work with students on their employment issues.
  • Organising informational work aimed at announcing activities at the city and regional levels in the field of employment promotion.
  • Implementing projects aimed at forming and developing public and entrepreneurial initiatives.
  • Establishing close cooperation with student self-government bodies, the University Alumni Association for business relations with working alumni-potential employers and resolving issues related to facilitating the employment of university students.
  • Establishing cooperation with the state employment service, with enterprises, public organisations, mass media, research institutes, authorities and local self-government on promoting employment of students.
  • Promoting the University's international relations by attracting alumni working abroad.